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I’ve worked with Sandy Shullman in multiple settings over the years. I have experienced  her as a thoughtful, informed, strong leader, which is just what APA needs. She has my enthusiastic support for President-elect of APA.

  • Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD, Past APA President (1996), APF President (2001-2017)

I first met Sandy Shullman when I became a council rep in 2007 and attended the introductory session for new reps. Upon meeting her I was very impressed with her leadership style and skills. After this introduction, I presumptuously told her I liked her style and followed it up with I think you should run for APA President and, if you do, I would love to campaign for you. That was 11 years ago. Now Sandy has decided to run for APA President, and this is timely because APA, which has gone through considerable turmoil these past few years, seems to be facing even more challenging issues. As a result of her long-standing experience, dedication, and service to APA, Sandy is very knowledgeable about what is facing our organization. Among her leadership skills is an uncanny ability to synthesize and balance critical issues and present the pros and cons in a way that is not threatening and moreover captures the attention of the majority. Sandy has come forward at the right time, as APA needs a leader with real vision, focus, a proven track record, and most importantly a leader who, I personally feel, will truly listen to ALL sides of our membership—clinicians and scientists alike. I ask you to support Sandy in this coming election. 

  • Linda Carter Sobell, PhD, ABPP, Clinical Scientist​, Past President of Division 12, President-Elect of Division 50

As an extraordinary psychologist, exceedingly knowledgeable and experienced in organizational leadership, Sandy has time and again been sought after to help with challenging conflicts. She has made a significant positive difference in psychology in general, including the practice of psychology. She has continually given voice to promote diversity and social justice issues, to serve as a supporter, mentor and ally to many of us. Please vote #1 for Sandy!" 

  • Melba J. T. Vasquez, PhD, ABPP, Past APA President (2011)

Sandy's depth of skill as a leader, her long experience working with difficult topics both in APA and elsewhere, and her lifelong commitment to social justice are among the many reasons why I enthusiastically support her candidacy for APA President. She epitomizes the best of our discipline, and will be an effective, powerful spokesperson and advocate for psychology.

  • Laura S Brown, PhD, APBB, Independent Practice, Past President of Divisions 35, 44, 56

Sandy Shullman has inspired so many through her leadership in psychology.  Her example of unending dedication to our profession and discipline has lifted up ECPs, students, and practitioners. She causes psychologists to embrace how science informs education and practice; and how the public interest is everyone's interest. She gives of her time and energy from a never-ending well.  No one could ever be better suited to lead APA through the next series of challenges and opportunities to serve our culture and society.  

  • Kevin D. Arnold, PhD, ABPP, President-Elect of Division 42, Past President of Council of Specialties, Ohio Psychological Association

Sandy Shullman is a dynamic, gifted and proven leader, who possesses a vision of psychology and our profession needed to lead the American Psychological Association in these critical times.  She understands organizational dynamics, possesses the interpersonal skills to work across constituent groups, works in a respectful manner with everyone, and is outstanding in the ability to build coalitions. Sandy believes in the strength and importance of diversity in our society, in enhancing the role of psychology to better the life circumstance of others, and in helping develop social policies that provide equal access and opportunities for all.  She is a scholar, scientist, educator and practitioner who understands the importance of balancing and integrating all dimensions of psychology into a unified whole.  To elect Sandy Shullman as President of APA is to elect the very best our profession has to offer.

  • Derald Wing Sue, PhD, Past President of Divisions 17 and 45, Co-Founder of The National Multicultural Conference and Summit, First President of the Asian American Psychological Association

The Board unanimously approved Sandy Shullman as our 1st choice candidate. As a recipient of the Leona Tyler Award, our highest and most prestigious award, Sandy exemplifies the best in our Society.  She stands out among the candidates for her long-standing service to the Society and her leadership expertise that makes her the right person at this time for APA.

  • Arpana G. Inman, PhD, President, Society of Counseling Psychology, Division 17 of the American Psychological Association

Sandy, in today’s word of discord, division, dysfunction, we feel it is essential that psychology and psychologists play even more relevant roles in changing the world.  With that, and much more in mind, Division 13, The Society of Consulting Psychology is very pleased to inform you that we have voted to endorse you for President of APA.  You are the right leader, at the right time, to help make APA and its broad membership more positively impactful on the world.  And we proudly stand with you.

  • A. Dale Thompson, PhD, President, Society of Consulting Psychology, Division 13 of the American Psychological Association

On behalf of Division 31, I would like to congratulate you on being selected as our number one endorsement for APA President Elect. You clearly understand the importance of SPTAs to the overall health of psychology and the future of APA. We wish you the best of luck with your campaign and look forward to working with you in the future.

  • Lindsey Buckman, PsyD, President, Division of State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs, Division 31 of the American Psychological Association


There are many psychologists who obtain leadership roles, some who teach leadership, and a few who contribute to the knowledge base regarding leadership. But I cannot think of anyone -- in psychology and beyond -- who has actually LED  more convincingly, gracefully, and effectively than Sandy Shullman. She is a leader's leader -- she always leads with the larger context in mind, and with an acute awareness of the ways in which her own and others' positionalities and dynamics contribute to the process. APA is at a crossroads, and Sandy Shullman can help us figure out the twisty, muddy, overgrown path forward better than anyone I know.

  • Ruth E Fassinger, PhD, Scientist-Practitioner-Advocate

I have been a student of Sandy Shullman’s ability to lead, speak truth to power, demand ethical and fair treatment, and lead change since we were thrown together on a campus under siege at Ohio State in the early 1970s. Sandy has a remarkable ability to scan complex systems, zero in on the essential threads, and quickly align them. She has the intellect, courage, integrity and political savvy to bring people with disparate views into a conversation that creates positive change. Fractured as we are, she is just what we need in a leader.

  • Robert Mintz, PhD, Senior Partner, Large Global Consulting Firm, New York, NY

At the May 25, 2018, meeting of the Board of the Ohio Psychological Association, the Board unanimously approved a motion "to strongly endorse Dr. Sandra Shullman for President-elect of the American Psychological Association".

OPA leaders had reviewed the statements of the other candidates and, while it is an impressive group of seasoned leaders, we know Sandy Shullman and we believe that she's the right person for this role at this critical time for APA.

     Sandy Shullman has provided exceptional leadership and service to OPA over the last three decades:

• Chaired OPA's first Public Interest Committee (1988)

• President (1992-93}

• Distinguished Service Award {1996}

• Executive Director Search (1997)

• Finance Officer (2002-03)

• Governance Model Development (2013-2017)

• Active on numerous committees, consultant to OPA Presidents and staff throughout her affiliation with OPA

• Faculty member of the OPA Leadership Development Committee and mentor

     The dates of her various roles listed above reflect critical times in OPA's history when we needed special people with expert skills to step up and provide leadership for change to build a stronger OPA. It is not surprising, then, that the OPA Board has strongly endorsed her candidacy for APA President-elect. For us she is a proven leader, who has maintained her loyalty and commitment to the Ohio Psychological Association throughout her busy professional career, sharing her amazing skills in organizational and leadership development when we needed her advice and counsel. Sandy's commitment to diversity is reflected in OPA's ongoing effort to embrace diversity to be a stronger association.

     At the same time Sandy was maintaining her commitment to OPA, she was also volunteering in various capacities for APA: Board member, Finance Officer, Parliamentarian, Chair of the Good Governance Committee, Board of Professional Affairs, involvement in numerous APA Divisions and so much more. The number of APA volunteer leaders who can claim Sandy as their mentor is astounding. Sandy is an inspiring leader who supports others seeking to develop their leadership voice. She has been a strong advocate for leadership opportunities for women and marginalized populations.

     Sandy's leadership style has such an impact. She really listens to what others have to say. She has the ability to focus in on the root of an issue, synthesize pro and con arguments, and provide a thoughtful vision for strategic action. She will be an effective agent for the changes needed for psychology and APA to take its proper place in healthcare, the workplace and on issues of violence, immigration, race, LGBTQ equality and social justice.

     We know Sandy will focus on multiculturalism; engage students and ECPs; advance the science and practice of psychology; create a vision of the future of psychology in a changing world; guide APA into more effective advocacy impacting public policy, healthcare disparities and social justice; and strengthen the ethical and moral underpinnings that are the foundation of APA's role as a leading professional association.  For these reasons the Ohio Psychological Association strongly endorses Dr. Sandra Shullman for APA President-elect.

  • Ohio Psychological Association

In the past 4 years APA has undergone sweeping changes in administration, organizational structure and policy. In the wake of these changes we need a leader who has a deep understanding of APA's past, and a solid vision for APA's future. A leader whose vision extends beyond our organization, to the contributions APA can make globally on issues of key importance such as health care, poverty, physical and sexual violence, immigration, inclusion, and tolerance. And we need a leader with the strategic focus, proven track record, passion and tenacity to make that vision a reality. This is why Sandy Shullman is the right person to lead APA during this critical time. She has held leadership positions in her state organization, and on various APA boards and committees for over three decades, and during this time has proven herself willing and able to challenge the status quo, do the difficult work required for deep organizational change, and ensure that diverse voices have a seat at the table. She has been a trailblazer for women in psychology and generously donates her time and talent to teach, mentor and inspire young women leaders through the Leadership Institute of Women In Psychology. Sandy will bring her expertise in helping organizations learn grow and change to APA. Skills she has developed over nearly 20 years of consulting with the executive leadership of multinational corporations, in the U.S. and internationally. Perhaps no other time in the history of our organization, or our nation, have we needed a leader like Sandy Shullman at the helm.

  • Stacey Benson, PsyD, LP President and CEO: Benson Psychological Services, PC, Fargo, ND

Sandy Shullman is the right leader at the right time—there is no other candidate better equipped to lead the APA through the transformational turn it must take.   Sandy Shullman will apply the force of her deep organization and consultation experiences, pragmatism, and purity of intention to  challenge, align and unify APA leadership, as well as its members, to influence progress on the critical societal issues of this time.

  • Karol M. Wasylyshyn, PsyD, Leadership Development, Philadelphia, PA​​

Sandy will provide the leadership that APA needs now. I have had the privilege to work with her and observe her with demanding clients. She demonstrates the courage, global mindset and international experience, strategic thinking acumen, emotional intelligence, and the savvy in bringing disparate parties together to do the right thing.  

  • Sandra L Foster, PhD, Independent Consultant, Success at Work, Asheville NC


Sandy is a compassionate, thoughtful, strong and effective leader who embraces science, healthy practice, diversity and progress.  APA would be extremely well-served with her leadership, based upon my observation of her excellence in Ohio.

  • Howard Fradkin, PhD, Psychologist at CollaborationsTraining, LLC

I first got to know Sandy when I served as the Early Career Psychologist faculty member for Division 17's Leadership Academy. She was genuinely interested in my perspective and, in spite of my inexperience, validated my viewpoint and truly believed in all of our student and ECP fellows as emerging leaders. Sandy's openness to new points of view and her skill in moving people forward toward the larger goal is impressive and so needed at this time! I'm definitely giving her my #1 Vote!

  • Katharine Hahn Oh, PhD, Director, Cleveland State University Counseling Center

I have known Sandy Shullman since the mid 1980s and have worked very closely with her since then. Sandy is an amazing, dynamic, creative, engaging, collaborative, and highly ethical leader. She has a skill set to effectively address the most difficult and complex organizational challenges. I know this from first-hand experience of writing and presenting at conferences with her, collaborating with her in professional association activities, and from observing her over the course of many years. Moreover, Sandy possesses exceptional cross-national and cross-cultural skills as she has been providing services to a broad range of international clients in the U.S. and others outside of the U.S. for decades. This includes individuals and large organizations. As a counseling psychologist, it is no surprise that Sandy relies on the skill sets and knowledge base that defines our profession (e.g., human strengths, human development, prevention, consultation, diversity, evidence based practice) delivering her services at the highest level of a scientist-practitioner. I can go on about my respect for Sandy. I respectfully request that you seriously consider her for APA President!

  • Lawrence H. Gerstein, PhD, George & Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Psychology & Director-Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

About 25 years ago, I went to my first Ohio Psychological Association Board meeting.  I had spent the first part of my career as a psychologist learning my craft, building my practice and learning about the "business" of psychology.  That day, Sandy
rose to give a summary of the public interest and advocacy work she had accomplished since the last meeting.  My frame instantly shifted and I realized my debt to this woman I had not yet met.  While I had been learning to be a psychologist, she had been advancing the field of psychology.  In that moment, she changed my sense of responsibility to our field and our patients.

I think Sandy can shift the frame through which we view APA.  We are at a point in history that demands unity rather than divisiveness in our professional organization.  Our science has never been more needed or more in need of our support.  Our organization has been through some rough times.  It is so easy to take pot shots at APA rather than taking responsibility for governance..  Sandy has demonstrated responsible, skillful, inclusive leadership at both the state and national level, both through smooth times and through organizational challenges.  Her strong focus on multiculturalism, good governance, advocacy and organizational dynamics is a legend in Ohio and across Divisions within APA.  As President she will help us work together to advance the potential of psychology through actualizing the strength of APA.

  • Suzanne LeSure, PhD, Private and Public Practice

For the years that I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Sandy at the APA Council of Representatives, I have been impressed with her leadership skills and exquisite capacity to understand and frame the difficult issues at hand. APA will be well served with Sandy at the helm.

  • Guillermo Bernal, PhD, President-Elect, Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations (CANPA)

I am fortunate to have worked with Sandy in 3 different leadership roles in APA. She understands the needs of psychologists across health care and other applied settings.  I trust her implicitly and am confident in her ability to lead APA’s advocacy for psychology, psychologists, and the consumers that we serve.

  • Kathleen S. Brown, Ph.D, Past President, APA Division 22: Rehabilitation Psychology

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