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"APA, like our country, is facing societal/multicultural upheaval.  As psychologists, we can learn from our past, lead with our science and values, and create positive change together.  I’m deeply committed to psychology; my experience in international leadership development, organizational change, and behavioral healthcare positions me now for APA leadership." 
- Sandy Shullman, Nomination Statement


  1. Create a welcoming, diverse, inclusive APA; infuse US psychology with global, multicultural perspectives.

  2. Engage ECPs and students to build the psychology workforce and APA of the future--strategic, responsive, transparent and collaborative.

  3. Fortify and increase advocacy for psychological science as the foundation of our knowledge, action, and practice.

  4. Strengthen practice by leveraging and incorporating contributions of general applied psychologists.

  5. Enhance APA's impact on public policy, social justice and human rights protection through collaborative, team-based advocacy.

  6. Advance psychology's role and science-based influence in the changing healthcare system.

  7. Prepare and support psychologists for successful practice in a technology-accelerated future.

  8. Develop psychologists' potential as learning leaders.

WHy Now? Why APA president?

APA is at an inflection point--a critical moment of transformation. We need to listen and learn from each other so we can build a real community of psychologists, supported by the strength of our diversity, far beyond our current fragmentation. Our society needs the resources and solutions that psychology can provide. As a unified, dedicated organization, we can lead and contribute to resolution of key national and global issues such as health care, poverty, violence, and immigration. We can create change together at a new, enhanced level of impact--one robust discipline, united by our mission as a scientifically grounded organization, committed to the public good, supporting it's members to create a positive future for all. I want to help create APA's organizational future. 

How to Access the APA Presidential Election Voting System
Joseph Hammer

How to Access the APA Presidential Election Voting System

Post to social media using the hashtag #Sandy2020
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